Glass ampoules types

Most glass ampoules used by pharmaceutical industry are manufactured as per standard in

  • Form B Ampoules with stem cut
  • Form C Ampoules are with open funnel
  • Form D Ampoules range are closed ampoules


Glass Ampoule Mouth Shape and Ampoule

Both straight – stem and funnel type ampoules (Form B & Form C) are delivered open, so as customer must wash and sterilise them before filling 

Sealed ampoules(Form C) , are sealed and sterile, that means customer can open them with a sharp flame, fill and re-seal them.

**Considering growing demand and packaging challenge for pharmaceutical drugs, customized packaging solutions are available. As per drug requirement dimensions and glass quality can be tailored to the filling process.

Glass ampoules quality Control

Amputech is aware that medical technology products must meet the quality standard and requirements. The quality of medical technology products is extremely important. One of the basic condition  for high product quality is automation in the production and inspection processes. Laboratory tests are performed on random samples taken from production lines,involving the destruction of the products.

Each ampoule that is manufactured is inspected in detail at each production stage  before the packaging process takes place. This qualilty check and advance image processing technology not just ensures strict quality, by improving production process efficiency by Advanced image processing technology not only ensures uncompromising quality, it also improves production process efficiency by essentially  reducing the number of false rejects. Moreover, customers have facility of having their own inspection equipments on the production lines to ensure that no wrong products being filled into ampoules. OPC lenght is also checked to calculate depth 

Glass ampoule manufacturing process

A defined product quality can only be delivered reliably and sustainably if both the product itself and the effect of material properties and process parameters on the product’s quality are understood. Process capability and supply reliability have become increasingly important selection criteria for pharmaceutical customers in addition to product quality.

As a result, product quality monitoring does not only serve the function of rejecting defective products, but also to provide statistical data for process control, which can be used to optimize the production process in real time.

We aim to achieve a process that is so stable that it rarely needs to be adjusted.In such a process, the products are not only identical on the outside, they are also identical in every way.

Glass ampoules use by pharmaceutical industry in India

Manufacturers of ampoules must provide the pharmaceutical industry with products that optimally meet their primary packaging requirements for specific pharmaceutical drugs or specific applications.

In order to achieve this, Amputech Industry works with the customer to select or modify products, and sometimes even develops brand new ones, to suit all specifications.

For optimum production processes, customers are recommended to fully utilize the expertise of ampoule manufacturers.This will ensure a minimal number of rejects, even when custom solutions are required

Amputech industry manufactures standard as well as customized glass ampoules for the pharmaceutical industry. Find out which one is right for you! Call for more information, samples, a quote for project. Our product expert would be delighted to talk to you.

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